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Inspired by the Black American Racers Association (BARA) of the 1970s, the African American Racers Association (AARA) was created to highlight the contributions of African Americans in automotive history & motorsports. We accomplish this through awareness, education, and providing a platform for these heroes to tell their stories in their own words.  

Representation is important: Our Race 4 Unity is our 501c3 nonprofit organization that was established to create & implement education programming in areas where motorsports aren't typically offered. We accomplish this through unique partnerships, exposing students to the heroes of the sport, and providing access to opportunities so they can create a life within the automotive industry. 

100% of your donation will go towards our Race 4 Unity foundation which provides education and opportunities to youth in underserved areas. 

Learn about African- Americans pioneers in motorsports history & their contributions to the world of horsepower. 

Promote Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Representation in motorsports. Inspire a new generation of motorsports enthusiasts to increase participation and diversity within the industry. 

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