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We Need Your Help

"It's Hard to Be What You Can't See"
- Jason Reynolds

We believe exposure and representation are vital to building interest in a new thing. It is a critical principle in how we operate. Expose individuals to the industry and all that it offers. Motorsports are bigger than driving or wrenching on a car—marketing, graphic design, business management, sponsorship negotiations, and all critical components of the industry. Many possess the passion and skills required to excel in these fields and push our industry forward; they lack the awareness that these opportunities are available. 

Once awareness is built, we must understand there is a place for them in our industry. Whether you are a racer, a mechanic, an engineer, or into automotive design, there are people who look like you who are excelling in this business. 

100% of the proceeds from your donation will go towards helping build awareness of pioneers of motorsports and provide industry exposure to those who do not have access. 

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