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"Still I Race" - A SEMA Show Celebration

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Over three years ago, before I created the African American Racers Association (AARA), I had a discussion at the SEMA Show regarding diversity, inclusion, and the future of their brand and its connection to the motorsports industry. One year later, I had a serious sit-down with a SEMA executive and went into detail about the execution of moving towards diversity and inclusivity and what that would look like.

Fast forward to SEMA 2022.

I'm excited to partner with the SEMA Show and create the exhibit called "Still I Race." This exhibit will be a walk in time, highlighting important African-Americans and moments in motorsports history. In addition, we will have numerous vehicles on display, representing the people who drive them or important moments in motorsports. Additionally, these individuals will take pictures and sign autographs, for the first time, on a stage this big.

Beyond the exhibit, I will be a part of two panels, each of which I created. First, I will be a speaker for a business panel called: "Exploring Diversity in the Aftermarket Industry." This panel will highlight the achievements and contributions of people of color in the automotive aftermarket industry. For professionals, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices make it a priority for a better understanding of individuals within a work environment by ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table. Panelists will engage in a rich discussion on DEI-associated challenges and opportunities and best practices on how to thrive and survive to accelerate the advancements of people of color in the automotive aftermarket industry. To see this event, register for free here!

The second is giving minorities the opportunity to tell their story. It is called: "Celebrity Insights: A Conversation About Diversity in Motorsports," and it gives a glimpse into the lives and personalities of some of your favorite automotive celebrities. Listen to them share inspiring and entertaining anecdotes about their backgrounds, experiences, and life stories. To see this event, register for free here!

For many years, I've been behind the scenes helping some of the biggest names & organizations in motorsports. Whether it's having events held at tracks where they had previously been rejected, helping create a new sanctioning body, building bridges to builders, tv producers, and marketing agencies, or just giving advice. I've always wanted to use my position, network, or knowledge to help those who aren't getting the opportunity. The AARA now allows me to do all these things on a greater platform.

I'm excited about SEMA Show 2022 and our partnering to create new opportunities and platforms to highlight diversity & inclusion.

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