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Race 4 Unity African American Racers Association

Race 4 Unity is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that provides underserved communities exposure to motorsports. 

School African American Racers Association

Cirriclum in schools

Our program exposes kids to motorsports with on-site programming.  We educate kids on the science of racing but also the business of motorsports. Their marketing, graphic design, business management, social media and other real world skills have applications in the business of racing. 

Events African American Racers Association

Event Exposure

Field trips & tickets to motorsport events in their local communities. Wether its the Indy 500 or a grassroots event at the local track, exposing kids to the sport is important to grow their passion. 

Internship Larsen Motorsports African American Racers Association

Internship Opportunities

Our motorsports networks are always looking for fresh new faces and ideas to grow with. We provide internships and job opportunities for those who are looking to turn their passion into a career. 

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